Speakers' Bureau

Mason County Master Gardeners Welcomes Your Request for a Speaker

Please fill out the form by clicking the 'Speaker Request Form' link below.  After you have finished filling out the form, click submit.  Once the form has been received, the WSU MG Coordinator, Tessa Halloran will contact you.  

Healthy Herbs

Growing Culinary Herbs

Dee Ann Kline 30-45 minutes

Learn how to propagate and grow annual and perennial culinary herbs.  This talk also includes information on different types of herb gardens.

Insect & Pests

Little Giants of the Forest

Mary Dessel 20-40 minutes

Children's program; Even though insects are incredibly small, they play a very big role in the health of a forest.  May also include a skit on insect anatomy physiology.

Managing Garden Insect Pests

Mary Dessel 20-40 minutes

How to manage your garden pests using an integrated pest management approach.

Plant Propagation

The World of Succulents and their Propagation

Laurie Williams 45 minutes

The world of succulents encompasses a wide range of plant.  This presentation highlights commonly grown succulents and then focuses on easy methods to propagate four popular indoor and outdoor NW succulents; sedum, sempervivum, echeverias and aeoniums.


Creating Pollinator Friendly Gardens

Mary Dessel 45 minutes

Learn about the food and habitat needs of our important pollinators and how to create pollinator friendly gardens for them.

Mason Bees

Mary Dessel 20 minutes

Learn about the life cycle and needs of this important pollinator.

Trees & Shrubs

Conifers of the PNW

Mary Dessel 60 minutes

Find out why conifers dominate the PNW and learn about our important conifer species.

The Wonderful World of Rhododendrons

Jeanne Kinney 45 minutes

Overview of the wide variety of rhododendrons to encourage exploring leaf colors and shapes as well as expanding the blooming season.  Advice and help for common questions, such as: my rhododendron is too big, do I need to prune, why won't my rhody bloom, what is eating my rhody and what about fertilizer?

Vegetable Gardening

Seed Saving Savvy

Dorothy Skans 30-60 minutes

Learn how to grow peas, beans, lettuce, cucumbers, peppers and tomatoes for seed saving.  Find out when to harvest seeds and how to prepare and store them.